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IAD limo service

It’s not only a great idea, but it can be a great way to provide a boost in productivity. A small or even a midsize level company might not have a lot of disposable assets. Their cash flow might be considered low, especially if they are relatively new. As a result, these companies might not even consider an IAD limo service to get their mid-level employees or even the owner to or from the airport for important business meetings.

That could be a missed opportunity.

Dulles limousine

As people view a Dulles limousine as being an expense. However, more seasoned business travelers and the companies they work for understand it’s an asset. It can actually help people be more productive when traveling for business related purposes.

How could this be an asset?

Dulles car service

A quality Dulles car service, such as that which is provided by Dulles Limo Service, should be a smooth, comfortable ride. The individual traveling in the back of a limo, even if it’s a simple sedan like a Lincoln Town Car, should be completely comfortable. They should be able to make notes by hand if they want, work on their laptop or tablet, make important phone calls, or simply relax. When a person is working on their way to or from the airport, they are being productive. They are helping their company be more productive.

Dulles Town Car service

That’s how a Dulles Town Car service can actually be a benefit to small and midsize companies who are sending employees or executives out of town for important meetings. If the average trip to or from the airport takes about an hour with traffic, that’s two hours round-trip. That’s two hours a productivity. If the executive of the company is worth $100 an hour, for example, is $200 round-trip. If the work they do results in a sale, merger, partnership, or other acquisition, it could be worth tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s how relying on transportation to and from the airport can be an asset rather than an expense.

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